Circle Unit for high school Geometry

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Currently teach a 10thgrade Geometry class

Teach a flipped classroom that covers Geometry

Need extra help for your Geometry students that they can complete at home

Would like to investigate Geometry online

Need help in your Geometry class

The Circle Unit is designed for a high school Geometry class and has over two hours of video instruction and note taking guides that you can download for each video. I worked on the course this summer to supplement my current Geometry class. The following are the unit headings from the table of contents. The unit may be found at  MooMooMath Circle Unit

Circles, Tangent, Secants, and Chords

Circles, Chords, and Secant segments

Finding the circumference of a circle and arc length

​ Finding the area of a circle and the sector area

Finding the circumference, diameter, and radius of a circle

Finding the surface area and the volume of a sphere

Geometry Vocabulary

Tangents and Circles

Circles Central angles, arc measures, major and minor arcs

Circles Arcs and angles

Chords on a Circle

Inscribed angles of a circle

Inscribed angle and angles outside the circle


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