Volume of a pyramid

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
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Volume of a pyramid
How do you find the volume of a pyramid. The formula equals 1/3 x base x height. There are two important points to remember when finding the volume of a pyramid.
First, the formula for finding the base will vary according to the shape of the base.
Here is a helpful link for a list of most base area formulas.
Second, the height is actually the altitude of the pyramid.

Use the formula 1/3base area times height in order to find the volume of a pyramid.
The video explains how you first find the base area and then the height of the pyramid and add these together and you have the volume

Video Guide
00:09 What is a pyramid?
00:33 Difference between a pyramid and a prism
00;42 Volume of Pyramid formula
01:06 Looking at pyramids with different bases and the different base area formulas
02:31 Sample problem-Finding volume of a pyramid with a square base
03:08 Sample problem- Finding volume of a pyramid with a right triangle base
For more on volume of a pyramid see
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