The top 8 websites for directions,tips, and shortcuts when using a TI 82,83,89 Calculator

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

These 8 web sites cover almost any question you could have when using a TI calculator

Need some help using your TI calculator? I have looked at lots of sites and feel these pages have the best instructions and shortcuts for using your calculator. I rated the websites based on clear directions, lots of details, and helpful pictures.

How to use the TI-83This link covers almost every task you will use in high school and college. Covers, functions window, graphs, special graphs, draw, suitable window. You will enjoy the great pictures and directions.

Using the TI calculator in calculus  This site has 10 tutorials that explain the TI-89. The directions have pictures and are really helpful and very detailed. A few of the 10 topics covered are, limits, integrals, functions, tables, etc.

TI-83/84 Basic Keystroke guide  This page is basically a guide for all of the keystrokes. This is helpful for when you know how to use the calculator but sometimes forget how to get to certain screens or how to solve a certain problem. Print this page out for a handy guide

TI 83 GuideThis is the TI 83 Bible. I can’t remember how I found this link but it covers everything.  However, there is a downside to this link. This guide is big, like a 121 page PDF big, but it covers everything

How to graph Scatter Plots on TI -83This link gives step by step directions for graphing a scatter plot. It doesn’t have great pictures, but the directions are very clear.

TI 83 TI 84 Calculator guide  This is a large PDF but it covers everything. The guide does have limited pictures, and a nice table of contents. You will appreciate the details and number of topics covered in this guide

Working with Data on your TI calculator  Detail directions on working with a data set, sorting data, creating histograms, and a statistical plot. This page gives very nice step by step directions with good screen shots

TI 83 Calculators for DummiesThis link goes to a slide share that has the TI calculator for dummies book. This is a helpful guide that is well written and easy to understand.

Hope this list was helpful and please leave a comment if you have additional links that you have used when using a TI calculator.

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