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Sunday, November 3, 2013
In Geometry more than half the battle is using the correct formula and more importantly knowing the formula.I have put together a list of Geometry formulas I hope will help you in class. If you follow this link you can download the complete list in a word document.
Geometry formulas
Here is a list of all the formulas covered.

Area of a Circle
Area of Equilateral Triangle
Area of  n gon
Area of a Parallelogram
Area of a Rectangle
Area of a Rhombus
Area of a Square
Area of a Trapezoid
Area of a Triangle
Base Area of Heptagon
Base Area of Hexagon
Base Area of Octagon
Base Area of Parallelogram
Base Area Pentagon
Base Area Rectangle
Base Area Square
Base Area Trapezoid
Base Area Triangle
Circumference of a Circle
Diagonals of N-gon
Distance Formula
Equation of a Circle
45 45 90 Triangle Hypotenuse
45 45 90 Triangle Legs
Heron’s Formula
Horizontal Line
Lateral Area of Cone
Lateral Area Cube
Lateral Area Cylinder
Lateral Area Prism
Lateral Area Pyramid
Lateral Area Rectangular Solid
Lateral Area Right Cone
Lateral Area Right Cylinder
Lateral Area Right Prism
Midpoint Formula
Perimeter of a Parallelogram
Perimeter of a Rectangle
Perimeter n gon
Perimeter of a Rhombus
Perimeter of a Square
Perimeter of a Trapezoid
Perimeter of a Triangle
Point Slope Form
Slope Intercept Form
Surface Area of a Cone
Surface Area of a Cube
Surface Area of a Cylinder
Surface Area of a Prism
Surface Area of a Pyramid
Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism
Surface Area of a right Cone
Surface Area of a Right Cylinder
Surface Area of a Right Prism
Surface Area of a Sphere
30 60 90 Triangle short and long legs
Vertical Line
Volume of Cone
Volume of Cube
Volume of Cylinder
Volume of Prism
Volume of Pyramid
Volume Rectangular Solid
Volume Right Cone
Volume Right Cylinder
Volume Right Prism
Volume of a Sphere


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