Solving word problems involving circles

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Video of the Day

Circle Word Problems

This video covers solving word problems using sector area and arc length and the properties of circles.

Video Guide

Word problem in which you find the diameter of a circle using the arc length.  This problem is solved by setting up a proportion of the arc length over circumference equaling the measure of the angle over 360 in order to find the circumference. You then use the circumference to find your diameter.

 Word problem in which you find the circumference of a circle using the radius.

 This problem uses the circumference formula in order to find the circumference of the circle using             

 the radius.

The last word problem involves a clock and how many degrees the clock travels in a certain amount of time. The solution involves finding how many degrees the hand of the clock travels per minute.

Each word problem is solved and step by step directions are given for each solution.

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