Area of Plane Figures

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Finding area of plane figures



Area is the space covered in a flat, 2-dimensional plane inside a bounded region.  Think of area in terms of painting a wall. The area of plane shapes is the amount of units squared that can fit inside the shape. It is measured in units squared.



When finding the area of plane figures you need specific measures.  One of the greatest lessons for students is deciding what information they have given and which formula they need to use to find the area of the plane figures. 

 Area can also be found on a coordinate plane using order pairs to find necessary dimensions.   

 You can access videos and informational pages for each of the plane shapes on our area of plane figures formula page. The following plane figures are covered.









Also, for most of the plane figures I have a calculator that calculates area, diagonal length, and volume for each of the plane figures. Here is a link to Math calculators


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