The Equilateral Triangle

Monday, July 1, 2013
Equilateral Triangle

In this video you will learn….
The properties of an equilateral triangle
The definition of an equilateral triangle
How to identify an equilateral triangle

Hi Welcome to MooMooMath. Today we are going to look at Equilateral Triangles. Up here I have two different triangles. The first one we know is equilateral because all three sides are marked congruent. You might see a congruent symbol like that (points to triangle) or you might see that the measure of each side is equal. So there is two ways to show that the different sides are equal. On the second one let’s look at it in perspective of the actual measure of the angles. We know that a triangle adds up to 180 degrees. So if we have three equal angles we are going to take that and divide it by three. So 180 divided by three is equal to 60. That means each of these angles have to measure 60 degrees. If the three angles measure 60 then it is an equilateral triangle. So let’s look at the rules. The first rule is that all three sides of the triangle are congruent which just means they are equal, and all three angles have to be congruent, which are equal measures. In an equilateral triangle since you have triangle and it always adds to 180 the measure of the angles will always be 60. Hope this video was helpful.

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