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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Math Resource Page Video

Check out our new math resource page. I designed the resource page to be helpful for teachers and students. I currently teach Math at a public high school, and tried to think through what would help the teachers I work with, and the students I teach. Next, went blog stalking and checked out all the blogs of good teachers I know and tried to find out resources that they had attached to their blog. Here is a list of resources I hope will help you in your Math class.

First, I have a long list of applets. Applets are a graphical approach to math concepts. They are good for demonstrating algebraic, geometry, and calculus concepts. I tested each applet and made sure they worked.

Graph paper

I included five or six links to free graph paper. Some sites you can design the graph paper you want.


I have several links to different types of online calculators. Some of the calculators are basic, other are scientific or graphing calculators.

Calculator Shortcuts and Instruction

I have a long list of short cuts, manuals, and instructions for the TI83, TI84, and the TI89. I tried to find sites that had pictures and illustrations

Classroom Help

These resources include many links that will help the student and teacher with projects, presentations, and other creative ways to present material. I work with a great and award winning media specialist and these are sites she recommends.

Math Sites

I found several sites that just have an amazing number of math links and resources. In fact one site has over 1000 links to work sheets, and lessons on math concepts.

Math Gift Shop

I have links to Math T-shirts, coffee mugs and other math related items that every math teacher or student would love to have. Even if you hate math you can always get your favorite math teacher a gift.

Please check out our Math Resource page here. Thanks and if you like it please share it with your friends.


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