Volume of a Cylinder

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finding the volume of a cylinder

 Video Volume of a Cylinder

The formula for finding the volume of a cylinder equals πr^(2 )* h  

The πr^(2 ) equals the area of the base and the h equals the height of the cylinder


volume of cylinder


Problem 1 Find the volume of the cylinder that has a diameter of 6 units 

                   and a height of 8 units.

 Step 1 Find the radius by dividing the diameter in half. 

            6 /2 = 3 units which is r or the radius

 Step 2. Plug the radius into πr^(2 ) which equals π3^(2 ) 

             9π = base area of the cylinder

 Step 3. 9π * height which equals 9π * 8 = 72π units^3 (remember that       

             volume is always units cubed)


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