How to find the volume of a sphere.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to find the volume of a sphere

What is a sphere? You can think of a sphere as a circle in three dimensions. A sphere is perfectly symmetrical, does not have any vertices or corners, no edges. In addition, all of the points on a sphere are the same distance from the center.

Video  Volume of a sphere

The formula for finding the volume of a sphere equals 4⁄3 πr^3  r =radius


volume of a sphere



Step 1. Plug 6 in the formula for the radius


Step 2. 4⁄3 π6^3 = 4⁄3 π216


Step 3. Multiply 4⁄3 x 216=( 4*216 )/3


Step 4 864/3 = 288π units^3


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