Finding the volume of a cone

Sunday, June 9, 2013
The formula for the volume of a cone = 1⁄3 πr^2*h
h =height
r = radius
 Please note πr^2*h is actually the volume of a cylinder that has the same height and radius. However it takes three cones to fill up a cylinder so that is why you multiply by 1/3
 Video for Volume of a Cone
Problem 1. Find the volume of a cone with a height of 10 and a radius of 6 units.

 Click the cone above for additional information
Step 1.  Plug your numbers into the formula.
              1⁄3 π6^2*10

Step 2 Simplify 1⁄3 π6^2*10

Step 2b 1⁄3 π36*10

Step 3 1⁄3 x 36⁄1 π x 10

Step 3b 12π x 10=120π units^3 (Please note volume is always cubed)

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