Types of triangles

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How do you classify triangles?  Triangles can be classified by the length of their sides or by angle measure. You can also combine side length and angle measure and have an acute isosceles triangle, a right isosceles triangle, and an obtuse isosceles triangle. Please see the chart below. Check out this link to test your knowledge of triangles. Types of triangles



Scalene triangle

Three different side lengths


Three different angle measures

Isosceles triangle

At least two congruent sides


At least two congruent angles

Equilateral triangle

Three congruent sides


Three congruent angles The angle measure equals 60 degrees

Acute triangle

Triangle with three angles that measure less than 90 degrees

Obtuse triangle

Triangle with one angle greater than 90 degrees

Right triangle

Triangle with one right angle ( 90 degrees)

The other two angles are complementary


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