Bird Characteristics

Monday, April 11, 2022

All about Birds

Birds range in size from the tiny two-inch bee hummingbird to the nine-foot ostrich.

There are over 10,000 species of birds and it is estimated that there are 50 billion birds on planet Earth. So what are some common characteristics of birds?

Let’s take a look at some characteristics of Birds.

Birds are the only living animal with feathers. Feathers help birds fly, but they also help them show off, blend in, stay warm, and keep dry. 

Birds have feathers

All birds lay eggs.

Birds are vertebrates. This means they have a vertebra column that protects a spinal cord.

Birds have a backbone

Almost all birds have forelimbs modified as wings, but not all birds can fly. 

Birds are endothermic. This means they can internally generate heat and cool off regardless of the environment.

The lower and upper jaws are modified into a beak that doesn’t have teeth.

birds have beaks

Their hearts are four-chambered.

Birds walk on two legs. 

Birds have lungs. 

Birds digest their food with a gizzard.



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