10-Day Kindness Challenge #shorts

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Kindness multiplies Kindness

I end most of my kindness videos with the phrase " kindness impacts the people around you."
Think of the last time, someone was kind to you. It may have been an encouragement, or a small compliment, or paid for your lunch. How did this make you feel?
In order to strengthen your kindness muscles and start impacting the people around you with kindness try the 10-day kindness challenge.

For the next 10-days be kind to someone you encounter in your life. This could include family members, classmates, or people you encounter during the day.

Your kindness could be a kind text, a word of encouragement, giving a large tip.
I have created a list of 70 ways you can be kind to others to help you with some ideas.

Have fun with your challenge.

let's be kind

Questions to think about

What is one thing you learned by completing the 10-day challenge?

What was the most creative way you showed kindness to someone else?


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