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Monday, November 1, 2021

Day 2 of the Kindness Challenge

Take the kindness challenge. Being kind to the people around can be a learned skill. The more often you are kind to others the easier it becomes to default to being kind as opposed to being rude.
In order to make the 10-day kindness challenge easier, I will make a suggestion for what you can do.

kindness challenge

Day 2

Today's suggestion is to compliment or encourage the people around you. For example, my daughter is a kindergarten teacher and it is an important but difficult job. I can text her a quick note reminding her that she is a positive influence on her students. This only takes a minute or so but may put a smile on her face and remind her why she went into teaching.

Questions to discuss

Think of the last time someone gave you an honest, and sincere compliment. How did this may you feel?

Who is the person in your life that compliments you most often? How do you feel about them?

At  @MooMooMath and Science, we end our videos with kindness multiplies kindness. In each of my #shorts I like to tell a quick Kindness story in order to inspire myself and others to practice kindness.

Acts of kindness make a lasting positive impact on the people around you.

You can find all of my kindness stories in this playlist.


The 10-day Kindness Challenge Playlist



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