Develop your kindness skills with the 10 Day Kindness Challenge #shorts

Monday, November 1, 2021

Day 1 of the Kindness Challenge

Take the kindness challenge. Being kind to the people around can be a learned skill. The more often you are kind to others the easier it becomes to default to being kind as opposed to being rude.
In order to make the 10-day kindness challenge easier, I will make a suggestion for what you can do.

kindness challenge

Day 1

Suggestion Complete a chore without being told. At my house, Thursday is garbage day, and today happens to be Thursday so I will take the garbage out today.

Questions to discuss

Is kindness a learned skill, or something you are either born with or not born with?

How did it may you feel to complete an act of kindness?

At  @MooMooMath and Science, we end our videos with kindness multiplies kindness. In each of my #shorts I like to tell a quick Kindness story in order to inspire myself and others to practice kindness.

Acts of kindness make a lasting positive impact on the people around you.

You can find all of my kindness stories in this playlist.

The 10-day Kindness Challenge Playlist


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