Types of Graphs and when to use them

Friday, August 14, 2020

Types of Graphs and when to use them

After collecting data many times it is helpful if create a graph of this data, but what type graph should you create?
Here a chart that summarizes the different types of graphs and when to use them.
Different types of graphs

A bar graph is helpful to use when you have categories. 
Here is an example, notice the categories.

bar graph

A circle graph is good for comparing parts to the whole.

Circle graph

A double bar graph is great for comparing sets of data, but not great for items involving time.

A box and whiskers is good for showing measures of variation. 
For example, if you have a box and whisker on runners in a race you can quickly see the variation of the age of runners and oldest and youngest runner quickly.

A histogram is great at showing frequency of data in intervals.
Here is an example. 


A line graph is great at showing change over time.

line graph

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