Erosion of rocks

Thursday, April 9, 2020

How was this cave carved out of solid rock? Weathering and erosion worked together to create the cave.

Weathering breaks the rock down then erosion carries this rock away

Erosion happens when rocks and sediment are picked up and moved to another place by the water, wind, ice, and even gravity. Erosion can occur slowly over time like a sand dune or quickly like a flood.

There several methods of erosion.

Remember, weathering breaks down the rock, and erosion moves the rock away

Rainfall can cause erosion and wash sediment away
Valley erosion occurs when rushing streams and rivers move rocks and sediment downstream
Oceans are a huge force of erosion.
Wind can cause erosion

Here are a couple more agents of erosion.

A dust storm can be a huge force of erosion.

Ice and glaciers erode rock. Greenland and Antarctica have huge glaciers that move rock from one area to another.

Remember  Weathering breaks down rock and erosion moves this rock away


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